Tigers Blend *USDA ORGANIC (Tier 3)
*30 day supply**SUMMER HARVEST*Our house blend has a very distinctive matcha flavor, a perfect balance of astringency & Sweetness. This is a great option for those just getting into Ultra Premium Japanese matcha.Very versatile. This and all of our matcha...
$59.95 $49.95
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Exclusive Reserve *USDA ORGANIC (Tier 2)
*30 day supply* *SUMMER HARVEST*FLAVOR PROFILE: More densely packed with “L-Theanine” the sweetness and incredible smoothness shines through in this very high-quality matcha. This matcha is a great one to use if you haven’t acclimated to the distinctive astringency of...
$69.95 $59.95
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*30 day supply**SUMMER HARVEST*Our creme de la creme, arc de Triomphe, the holy grail of matcha. This is considered RARE very hard to come by. While matcha is already a labor-intensive process that includes months of cultivation, multiple feedings of...
$85.95 $69.95
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